The first nosology, or naming convention, for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome was the Berlin nosology, created in 1986. The Berlin nosology named eleven types of EDS (some of which had lettered sub-types). The most current naming convention, which is still in use, is the Villefranch nosology which was created in 1997, by the attendees of the conference at Villefranche-sur-Mer, France. The naming convention suggested was specifically designed to increase the usefulness of the information to the 'generalists'.

While there are a small number of individuals with an EDS type other than these categories, those instances are fairly rare. Examples of 'Other' types of EDS include X-linked, Type VIII (similar to Classical, except that it also presents with periodontal friability). We DO understand that many people with EDS have some degree of crossover symptoms. If you have crossover symptoms, select the type of EDS that you were primarily diagnosed with. Please DO NOT use the Other Type response for crossover conditions.

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