The chat platform that we use is called icanhazchat. It hosts up to 15 audio/video participants, and an unlimited number of text participants. The site is completely free for all chatters. Registration does not *require* an email address, you can be completely anonymous if you want to be. The site does not spam you, or sell your email address. It will allow you to get notifications when you have messages on the chat site, though. Consider using a valid email for personal messages and meeting reminders.

Complete information on how to create an account and join the live chat group is located within the forums on this site. There are posts with more detailed information about how to register, use, and even host a chat of your very own! Currently there is only one chat room, intended to allow all ages. Please be mindful of the possible presence of minors with EDS. If there are people in the room who are not on camera, do not assume they are adults. At any point, if there is demand, we can create some additional chat rooms (such as tweens & teens, caregiver support, parents of kids with EDS, adults only, or anything else). If the community sees a demand, and there are volunteers to organize those groups, we will help make them happen. Feel free to post your ideas in the Feedback and Feature Requests discussion.